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Poetry Publishers in the South West include:

Magazine Publishers:


 Acumen Logo


Acumen Literary Journal


General editor: Patricia Oxley


'A beacon of invention in the west, Acumen's guiding light is valued throughout the wider world of letters. Printing the best, and not necessarily the most celebrated, is its policy.'  
Peter Porter


 Areopagius Logo


Areogagus Magazine


Editor: Julian Barrit


A quarterly 32 page A4 sized Magazine.
This is a colour printed magazine, not an internet publication. It publishes subscribers' fiction, poetry and articles. Regular features include Letters to the Editor, book reviews, a Prayer Page, and a column called 'Quotations'.

Critical Quarterly


Critical Quarterly

Editor: Colin MacCabe
'Probably the most influential English literary-critical journal in the academic field over the post war decades.'
John Holloway, New Pelican Guide to English Literature.




Graffiti Magazine


Editor: Rona Laycock
Members of the Catchword writers group produce a writing magazine Graffiti to help showcase new writers.
The magazine is available from small shops in Cirencester and around the Cotswolds, and from the Brewery Arts Centre in Cirencester.

Margins Magazine




Dr. Ann Pulsford

A 48-page issue of 4 articles, 12 poems and 12 short stories - on all aspects of Dartmoor and its way of life, past and present.






Obsessed with Pipework



Flarestack Poetry's quarterly magazine of new highwire poetry "to surprise and delight".




 Poetry Cornwall


Poetry Cornwall /
Bardhonyeth Kernow


Editor: Les Merton

Poetry Cornwall/Bardhonyeth Kernow publishes around 70 poets per issue. This includes a blend of well known names and encouraged newcomers, with a range of themes, poetic forms and styles.
Every issue features poets from around the world.






Editor: David Pike


Poetry webzine published quarterly and edited by David Pike.







A Bristol-based literary magazine, published by Loxwood Stoneleigh, and imprint of Falling Wall Press.
Co-edited by Matthew Barton and Jeremy Mulford.
(publication currently under review)


 Shearsman Logo


Shearsman Magazine


Editor: Tony Frazer


A contemporary poetry magazine with a clear inclination towards the more exploratory end of the current spectrum. Notwithstanding this, however, quality work of a more conservative kind will always be considered seriously, provided that the work is well-written.




 Stride Magazine


Editor: Rupert Loydell

A gathering of new poetry, prose poems, articles and reviews (or whatever takes our fancy), Stride is regularly updated with new contributions.


Tears in the Fence Logo


Tears in the Fence


Editor: David Caddy


A 168 page book of poetry, prose poems, fiction, essays, translations, interviews and reviews published three times a year.



HQ logo


The Haiku Quarterly

HQ QuarterlyMagazine

Editor: Kevin Bailey

An international poetry magazine that publishes a broad range of work - from the highly experimental to the very traditional. The emphasis is on quality and originality. About one third of the magazine's space is given over to haiku and haikuesque poetry; the rest to mainstream poetry and reviews and articles.




 The Interpreter's House


Editor: Martin Malone

email: theinterpretershouse@aol.co.uk

Over 500 writers have appeared in The Interpreter’s House pages, some very distinguished (Elizabeth Bartlett, Ruth Bidgood, Alan Brownjohn, Toby Litt, Sheenagh Pugh, Carole Satyamurti, Penelope Shuttle, R.S. Thomas) and some for the first time ever.


Tremblestone Logo

Editor: Kenny Knight

Tremblestone is International in outlook and publishes contemporary poetry.





Poetry Books Publishers:


awen logo


Awen Publications


Publisher: Kevan Manwaring


A small press specialising in high-quality writing that may not be highly commercial but deserves to find a readership. They like work that is imaginative, boundary-pushing, eco-conscious, enchanting, and challenging to received wisdoms.


Bluechrome logo


Bluechrome Publishing


An independent publisher of poetry and literary or experimental fiction. They published their first book in January 2003 and have since developed a reputation for spotting interesting and unusual fiction, which they have promoted alongside a growing list of high quality poetry.



Burning Eye Books


Burning Eye Books


Founder: Clive Bernie

A small independent publisher in the South West predominately specialising in promoting spoken word artists. We aim to dispel the assumption that performance poetry does not transfer well to page as well as give emerging and established artist opportunities to be published where they might be rejected from other traditional poetry publishers.

City Chamaeleon


City Chameleon


Editor: Bertel Martin


Bristol-based small independent press.


Etruscan Books Logo


Etruscan Books



etruscan books publishes concrete, Gaelic and modernist poetry with an ear for the lyric and the made up word. They give attention to spatiality, experiment and the lyric. The books are carefully edited, and still sewn on good papers.


Fal Publications



Fal Publications



Based in Truro, Cornwall, fal is committed to producing fine books of contemporary writing from Cornwall. The books are beautfully produced and some fully illustrated by local artists. They have attracted local and national reviews and prestigious prizes.



Flarestack Poets




Poetry that dares outside current trends, even against the grain... collections that aren't bus queues, from poets forging their own linguistic connections with the root-ball of experience.


Hesterglock Press




Twitter: @H_G_Press

Bristol-based small press publishing mainly experimental poetry, run by Sarer Scotthorne and Paul Hawkins.
Who also co-curate ANATHEMA events.




Hippopotamus Press

01373 466653

 Small press based in Frome, Somerset.



Shearsman Logo


Shearsman Books


Editor: Tony Frazer


Shearsman Books was founded in 1982 in order to offer collections to authors involved with the magazine. In 2003 the shifted up to short-run digital and print-on-demand production for most of their titles.

They also make some e-chapbooks, in PDF form, available for free download from their website.


Oversteps logo


Oversteps Books


Editor: Alwyn Marriage


Oversteps Books publishes some of the best in contemporary poetry, covering a wide range of established and new poets. There is a rigorous editorial policy, and the books are produced to the highest standards both in terms of editorial accuracy and the beauty of the finished books.





For a full list of Poetry Publishers in the UK:  The Poetry Library