Bristol Poetry Prize 2014


Joan Michelson web1st Place: Joan Michelson, Stories

2nd Place: Bethany W Pope, Rough Salvage

3rd Place: Mallory Taylor, That Childhood Street

pennyshuttleJudge: Penelope Shuttle

Judge's Statement: I have, in addition to the three winners, named seven poems as Highly-Commended, and a further thirteen as Commended. These  poems formed the shortlist (along with the winners) of strong poems. The upper echelon of the poems, once I had read through all the entries, were of a very high standard. So a very rewarding read. Thank you!


(in no particular order)

Selkie by Ben Johnson – Barton-on-Sea, Hampshire

Waiting for the Doctor by David C Johnson - Bristol

Long Ship by Tomas de Faoite – Breda, Netherlands

Your Hair by James Edwards - Bristol

Subliminal by Ama Bolton - Wells

Real at Last by Jean Atkin - Shropshire

Ruskin’s Contract by Geraldine Clarkson – Leamington Spa


COMMENDED: (in no particular order)

Self-Portrait in the Body of a Dolmen by Claire Trevien - Oxford

Sissy in Madeira by Kay Suzanne Cotton – Villebauden, France

Stockholm by Natalya Anderson - Cambridge

The Dunes by Rachel Plummer - Edinburgh

The Difference by Geraldine Clarkson – Leamington Spa

Under by Geraldine Clarkson – Leamington Spa

Port Charles 15th May. 3.00pm. Last hour of the incoming tide. by Chris Hagen - Bristol

Shadow by Ann Drysdale – Blaina, Gwent

The by Tony D'Arpino - Bristol

My Father’s Bear by Sara Watkinson – Woodstock, Oxon

Dinner Party by Natalya Anderson - Cambridge

Goldfish on the Coast by Roz Goddard – West Midlands

Grace Poole Fits a Toile for Bertha by Pippa Little – Cramlington, Northumberland