Emma Press call for
pamphlet submissions
Deadline 10th December


Calls for pamphlet submissions

Poetry & Prose Pamphlets (opened 17th October 2017, closes 10th December 2017)

Emma Press believe the pamphlet format is a great way of showcasing a writer’s voice and reaching new audiences. The pamphlet is short enough for a reader to take a chance on and long enough for a writer to get their teeth into.

Emma Press currently publish five different series of pamphlets/short books, all of which we’re hoping to add to in this round of submissions. You can click through on the links below to read more about each series:

The Emma Press Poetry Pamphlets (poetry, around 24 pages of poems)

The Emma Press Picks (poetry, around 20 pages of poems)

Art Squares (poetry, around 24 pages of poems)

Poetry for Children (poetry, around 50 pages of poems). We publish book-length children’s collections rather than pamphlets.

The Emma Press Prose Pamphlets (prose, around 50 pages of text/up to 20,000 words). These can be any kind of prose, for any age-group.

They are limiting submissions to a single proposal, of either poetry or prose, per person. If you have several manuscripts in your locker and find it difficult to choose, just pick the one which is the best fit for the Emma Press.

 This year they are trying something different - sharing out the reading across the Emma Press team, and you can choose the editor you would like to read your submission in the first round. This doesn’t mean that you have to have this editor if your book is chosen, and nor does it guarantee that your chosen editor will be the one who reads your manuscript in the first round, but they will try their best. You can read profiles of all the editors here (and we highly recommend that you do).

They are also introducing a two-stage process this year. In this first stage, they are asking you to send 6 pages of your manuscript. If your proposal makes our shortlist, they will ask you send the full manuscript. Here’s a rough timeline (dependent on how many submissions they get).

17th Oct-10th Dec 2017. First stage of submissions (6 pages).

10th Dec-27th Mar 2018. Editors read the submissions.

April 2018. Editors reply to everyone who submitted; shortlisted authors are asked to send in their full manuscripts by the end of May.

July 2018. Editors reply to shortlisted authors to let them know if they have been successful or not. Each editor will aim to have chosen 1-4 books, and Emma Wright will have the final say.

2019. Pamphlets published throughout.

They will reply to everyone who submitted.

For all information and general submission guidelines visit the Emma Press website: www.theemmapress.com/submissions