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The Poetry Can presents several high profile public events in the course of each year, including the Bristol Poetry Festival in September.
This festival brings together the most entertaining, inspirational and award winning poets and performers from Bristol, the South west, the UK and the World in a celebration of poetry, language, imagination and life.

The Poetry Can runs Can Openers, public poetry readings, on the first Friday of every month, 12.00pm – 1.30pm at The Dance Studio, The Station, Silver St, Bristol, BS1 2AG.

Can Openers offers a regular platform for upcoming poets to read and develop their work, as well as open platforms for poets to try out new work.

The Poetry Can supports and promotes poetry events from across the South West through its website and monthly e-bulletins.

You can find details on poetry events happening across the South West region here.

If you organise a poetry event in the South West you please send us details of your event for the website and monthly bulletin here.










About this website


The Poetry Can Website represents the poetry world in the South West region not only to itself, but also to the UK and to the World.

The site contains details of all areas of the poetry sector at work in the S.W. and will also provide key links to the national poetry sector.


On this site you can: 

contact The Poetry Can 

browse the latest News stories from the world of poetry 

see what poetry Events are taking place or submit an event to the site

click onto the Resources for information about competitions, publishers, promoters, colleges, universities and libraries,  festivals, 

courses and training, poetry and key organisations, and also for a section dedicated for young poets.


On the A-Z of Poets you can find information on the leading poets based in the South West including how to contact them;

The Advice section offers tips and suggestions on artistic and professional development for poets;

The Recommended section has links to key poetry websites, books about poetry, poetry anthologies and poetry collections;

Sign up to receive the monthly Poetry Can e-bulletin


But the website is more than a collection of poetry lists, it aims to show the dynamic web of relationships between the different areas of poetry

activity that make up the poetry sector.

We hope the website will also become a bank of excellence and excellent practice. We will solicit, promote and showcase stories and examples

of good practice in the poetry sector.


Through the Website, Bulletin and Poetry Surgeries, we will celebrate & promote:

 arts opportunities for people & places with the least engagement in the Sout West region 

examples of good practice taking place on a national and international level 

touring and digital platforms in the South West. 

provide advice & information to South West & national touring agencies and poets regarding S.W. & national contacts and opportunities. 

showcase innovative and successful examples of :

audience development in and beyond the South West  

collaboration between organisations in and beyond the S.W.


On the Website we will:

establish a series of Showcase Interviews focussing on sharing all aspects of poetry related-knowledge and good practice with the poetry

leadership and workforce in the S.W.

develop dedicated sections on the new Poetry Can website for children and young people.

establish a series of Showcase Interviews and Features focussing on the sharing of all aspects of poetry related knowledge, skills and

good practice with the poetry leadership and workforce in the South West, including: poets, poetry events and activities, organisers, agency

managers, magazine and book publishers, poetry group facilitators, teachers, lecturers and workshop leaders, the Arts Council England workers

and Local Authority workers etc.



There will be dedicated sections in the bulletin and on the new Poetry Can website for children and young people, including: 

  interviews with children and young people in the region who enjoy poetry and particpate in poetry activities;  

 young poets who have had some kind of success, such as been published, winning a competition, or have received 

plaudits for poetry performances.   

promotion of poetry resources, opportunities, events and activities in the S.W. for children and young people.    

appropriate national resources, opportunities, events and activities for children and young people.

 examples of good practice re. poetry and children and young people.




Please email your information and stories of the kinds of good practice listed above to:

or use the form in the contact section.

If you would like to discuss your information and stories beforehand please phone Colin Brown on : 0117 933 0900


About Poetry Can


Poetry Can was established in March 1995 as a registered charity aiming to encourage as many people as possible within the Bristol,

Bath and North East Somerset and South Gloucestershire areas to get involved in poetry activity.

Poetry Can is still based in Bristol but now supports the development of poetry across the whole of the South West region.


The aims of Poetry Can are:

To increase opportunities for everyone to participate in and enjoy poetry, through a strategic programme of events and projects;

To initiate work in which poetry's role in lifelong learning is explored and extended;

To support the creative and professional development of poets of all ages and levels of experience;

To promote the poetry of the South West on a national level.

The Poetry Can is funded by the Arts Council of England and works in partnership with The University of West of England on Bristol Poetry Festival.


The Poetry Can's activities span a number of areas:



Poetry Can presents and supports a range of high profile events each year, including the Bristol Poetry Festival.


Education Projects

Poetry Can initiates and manages a number of events, activities and projects across a range of lifelong learning situations

which bring poetry into the community and develop new audiences for poetry.


Advice, Training and Support

Poetry Can provides advice, information and support to individuals, groups, agencies and organisations through it's website,

monthly e-bulletin, individual poetry surgeries, as well as by answering general enquiries.


At all times the focus is on equal opportunities for everyone.



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