Poetry Can provides information, advice and support to individuals, groups, agencies and organisations interested in any aspect of poetry

or poetry activity.

As well as providing ad hoc information, advice and support we also offer:


The Poetry Can Website

The Poetry Can Website represents the poetry world in the South West region not only to itself, but also to the UK and to the World.

It provides key information from the poetry sector in the rest of the UK and the World to the South West.

The site contains details of all areas of the poetry sector at work in the S.W. and will also provide key links to the national poetry sector.

But the website is more than a collection of poetry lists, it aims to show the dynamic web of relationships between the different

personnel and the different areas of activity that make up the poetry sector.

There will be designated sections for both children and young people.

We hope the website will also become a bank of excellence and excellent practice. We will solicit, promote and showcase stories and

examples of good practice in the poetry sector.


The Poetry Can Bulletin

The bulletin covers and includes events and activities taking place throughout the whole of the South West.

We will continue to develop the bulletin, including its circulation to key poetry agencies, organisers and enthusiasts.

It will function, in conjunction with the website, as another vehicle by which the poetry sector in the S.W is supported, nurtured

and knows itself.

If you have any news you would like included in the bulletin please email the information to admin@poetrycan.co.uk

For events use the Submit Your Event form here.


Poetry Surgeries

One to one poetry surgeries focus on the artistic and professional development.

Usually lasting about 90 minutes, each session is structured and designed to meet the interests and developmental needs of

the individual concerned.


For further information on any aspect of poetry or to book a poetry surgery email: info@poetrycan.co.uk


At all times the focus is on equal opportunities for everyone