Bristol Poetry Festival

Bristol Poetry Festival is programmed and organised by The Poetry Can


Bristol Poetry Festival takes place in September/October.


Programming Policy:

Each year we aim to put together a programme of readings, performances and poetry activities that bring together a mix of the most entertaining, inspirational and award-winning poets and performers from Bristol, the South West, the UK and the World. The programme's content is mainly of a contemporary nature.


When to apply:

If you wish to apply to read, perform of put on an activity at Bristol Poetry Festival, please do so between 1st of December and 1st of April for Bristol Poetry Festival

We receive a large number of applications to read or perform at the festival and so, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a slot at the festival to everyone.  

How to apply:

Send an information pack to The Poetry Can that includes:

  • C.V. type details of your experience as a poet / perfomer;
  • something about yourself as a poet /performer (no more than 50 words);
  • examples of your work: a book, selection of poems, you-tube link etc.
  • contact details of a publisher or promoter who can comment on your reading / performance experience;
  • your contact details.

Please remember that every year many more poets/performers apply to appear at Bristol Poetry Festivals than there are places and resources for them to do so. If you do apply but are not invited to take part it probably won't be a decision based on your qualities as a reader or performer alone but on a range of factors contributing to the cohesive programming of the Festival as a whole.



If you are a promoter with a poet, show or event you would like to showcase during the Bristol Poetry Festival please telephone Poetry Can in the first instance



Colin Brown Director, The Poetry Can

ADDRESS: Poetry Can, 12 Great George St, Bristol BS1 5RH

TEL:  (0117) 933 0900