Bristol Poetry Festival 2017 photographs by Eva Besson


Bristol Poetry Festival Poetry Slam
Hosted by Claire Williamson and Elvis McGonagall
Feature guest: Hannah Davies (2016 slam winner)
Winner: Jackie Juno
Elvis mcGonagall and Claire WIlliamson Hannah Davies Kathryn O'Driscoll slam600x40003
Claire Guest Alex slam600x40029 slam600x40008
Sam Boarer Jackie Juno slam600x40011 slam600x40028
Megan Chapman slam600x40014 slam600x40015 slam600x40016
audience slam600x40018 slam600x40019 Melanie Branton
slam600x40025 Jackie Juno audience slam600x40022
Tara Bergin // Liz Berry // Lois P Jones
Liz Berry and Tara Bergin audience Lois P Jones  Lois P Jones
Liz Berry audience Tara Bergin audience
tara bergin Liz Berry Liz Berry and Lois P Jones tb600x40004
Dr Zeeman's Catastrophe Machine
Written and performed by Martin Figura
with readings from Helen Ivory and Lucy English
drz600x40002 drz600x40003 Lucy English Helen Ivory
Martin Figura drz600x40010 Martin Figura
drz600x40013 Martin Figura drz600x40004 drz600x40008
Air Poems in the Key of Voice
Performed by  Paul Scott, Kyra Pollit and Victoria Punch with films by Helen Dewbury and Chaucer Cameron.
ap600x40000 ap600x40002 ap600x40004 ap600x40008
ap600x40013 ap600x40015 ap600x40014 ap600x40016
ap600x40021 ap600x40020 ap600x40019 ap600x40022
Sarah Howe // Karen McCarthy-Woolf // Rishi Dastidar
 sh600x40005 sh600x40006  sh600x40009   sh600x40008
 sh600x40011  sh600x40012  sh600x40013  
Written and performed by Bob Beagrie with Sara Dennis, Peter Lagan, Kev Howard and Stewart Forth.
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 lea600x40008 lea600x40004  lea600x40010   lea600x40014
lea600x40017 lea600x40016 lea600x40009 lea600x40025
 lea600x40010 lea600x40022  lea600x40024 lea600x40021