Poetry Can needs your support

As everybody knows, times are hard... Poetry Can is producing remarkable work in increasingly difficult circumstances, like all arts

organisations we have suffered our share of cuts in funding over the last few years, and there are more on the way.


Just to give you an idea of some of our costs:

  • the average cost of an event at Bristol Poetry Festival would be £750;
  • placing a poet in a school for a morning or an afternoon would cost £150;
  • a poet working for a morning, an afternoon or an evening with a community group would also cost £150.


If you are able to make a donation, however small, to Poetry Can's ongoing programme, please do, it will put to very good use.

             Audience   Simon Armitage   Sally Jenkinson   Claire Williamson 


Poetry Can is a registered charity and exists thanks to the involvement, support, enthusiasm and generosity of public bodies such as

the Arts Council, England, Bristol City Council, South Gloucestershire County Council, and charitable trusts and private individuals.

We aim to increase opportunities for everyone to participate in and enjoy poetry and to support the creative and professional development of

poets of all ages and levels of experience particularly in the South West of England.

We present and support a range of high profile events each year, including the Bristol Poetry Festivals.

We provide advice, information and support to individual poets and poetry enthusiasts, groups, agencies and organisations through our website,

monthly e-bulletin, individual poetry surgeries, and by responding to face-to-face, telephone and e-mail enquiries enquiries.


We initiate work in which poetry's role in lifelong learning is explored and extended, Poetry Can has organised poetry projects and activities with

a wide range of community based groups and organisations, here is a small example of the  groups and organisations we have worked with:

schools, colleges, libraries, museums, prisons; projects with children and young people; Bristol Refugee organisations; Young Parents;

Afro-Caribbean communities; people with disabilities; people with dementia; Elders of the Chinese community in Bristol; groups in communities of

particular identified need in Bristol, Bath and South Gloucestershire; People dealing with grief; Carers groups, Young Women who self-harm.


Bristol Skyline at Sunset



If you would like to support us, please consider making a donation towards our ongoing programme.

To make a donation, please follow the links below to fill in a postal donation form or to make an online donation by PayPal.

Our donation form includes a Gift Aid declaration: completing it will allow the Poety Can to reclaim tax on your donation.


If you are considering making a substantial donation and would like more information from us before you do so, or if you would like to make a

payment by BACS please contact Poetry Can Director.

Colin Brown

12 Great George Street



Tel: 0117 933 0900


Your donation will be acknowledged (unless you would prefer it to be anonymous) on the Poetry Can website


To donate to Poetry Can using Gift Aid you can download a form here:

Gift Aid .pdf format    or    Gift Aid .doc format

then fill it in and send it to Poetry Can with your donation cheque.


To keep in touch with The Poetry Can and poetry activities in the South West of England please download a donation form:

In .pdf format    or    In .doc format

and then send it, with your cheque payable to The Poetry Can, to:

The Poetry Can, 12 Great George Street, Bristol, BS1 5RH


Or use this link to simply donate by PayPal (you can donate vis a debit or credit card, you do not need a PayPal account)